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Emmanuel Fellowship Church, 60 North Arlington of Akron, Ohio. Known as the little
church on the hill started over 30 years ago by twelve to fifteen men and women who
desired a closer walk with Jesus and the availability to worship the Lord without

judgment for who they were.

In the beginning of their journey, many times while getting out of their vehicles to attend
church, the males would wait to walk in the with the females to appear to be together
(male with female) so as not to be attacked in any way. It took great courage for the
founders of this little church to face the many fears they had in order to worship in Spirit
and in Truth. They worked hard to pay off the church building and to remodel it by
having drag shows. Sacrifice, tears, joy and love of the Lord and one another continues
to manifest itself in all that is done at EFC. The spiritual leadership, trustees and council
work diligently to create a godly atmosphere and are faithful to Christ and their duties
from which they have been called. They are dedicated men and women who desire to
grow in their relationship with Christ and to serve God and His people in what they are
asked to do.

Emmanuel Fellowship Church was first established within the homes of its members
until one member put up his home as collateral for the present church building. Their
desire was to have a place to worship God through Christ Jesus and the
preaching/teaching of the Word of God.

To have a place to be themselves, to fellowship with one another while not having to
look over their shoulders wondering when they would be asked to leave because of
being GLBT. They created a home when no other place of worship would receive them.
At times, they personally battled against the shadows that had rejected them and told
them that they were an abomination to the Lord; they wanted to be loved and have the
freedom to love back.

Many gifted individuals have come and gone over the years for various reasons, but
someone always is able to step in and do what is in front of them to keep the church

The people of Emmanuel Fellowship have the desire to worship in the face of
many fears that they may carry, either by self-hatred, hatred from others or the name
calling and rejection of those who claim to have Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
The people of EFC are standing up to say they matter, Jesus died for them, He loves
them and they love Him so that they may worship in Spirit and Truth. God is with them.
If God is for us, who could be against? When entering our doors anyone will see the
depth of insight of the people of Emmanuel Fellowship Church. Their great desire to
draw closer to the Lord will be a witness to God's tremendous love and His vision of
being a people called out to bring in the lost. To establish a covenant of Grace where
there has been none and to share that gospel with all those who desire an intimate
relationship with God.

Who Are We

Christ Centered

Bible Based


LGBT+ Open & Affirming



We Believe in Practicing
Radical Hospitality

Marginalized Christians are individuals who have been singled out due to who they are, who they associate with, or how they identify (i.e.: LGBTQ+, individuals in recovery, divorcees, blended families, people of color).

Marginalized Christians (MC's) seek the same spiritual formation and direction as other Christians. They seek to stand in their redemption so as to work towards their sanctification. In order for this to take place, one must be in community with other believers. MC’s desire to have the availability to worship, hear God’s Word preached and to be a part of the ministry of Christ. This demands an opportunity to be a part of a community of believers who are more interested in reaching out to the estranged than keeping safe within the confines of their injustice.

This is a call to radical hospitality. 

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